Entel DX482 Radio

Entel DX482 Digital Mobile Radio

The DX400 DMR Digital portables are the most compact, MIL-STD & IP68, affordable business critical radios available today.

DX400 radios deliver outstanding audio, clarity, quality & volume that really needs to be compared to other DMR radios to be truly appreciated.

The carefully-designed ergonomics, ultra-tactile buttons, superior construction and unrivalled audio levels also makes the DX400 radios perfectly at home in applications where much larger commercial-size radios would have previously been used.

Basic Package includes:

1 x PD605 Hand portable radio, Standard UHF antenna, Li-Ion battery, Belt clip, Single charger (multi charger POD available) and 24 Month radio body warranty.




To avoid accidental operation, your radio’s keys & controls can be locked.

Audio Accessories & BA Support

Entel’s Sure Speech™ intelligent speech tailoring technology optimises audio to match the connected accessory, ensuring the very best clarity, volume and natural sounding audio. Third party Breathing Apparatus comms kits are also supported.

Mixed Mode Operation

Mixed Mode is beneficial where both Analogue & Digital radios are being used together, e.g. where a customer is migrating from an existing Analogue radio system to a DMR Digital radio system.

Personal Attack Button

Once activated, the DT800 radio will send an alarm call to other radio(s) as well as sounding a local alarm.

Lone-Worker & Man-Down Alarms

DTEx radios support Digital mode Lone-Worker, Man-Down* and Emergency Button features with call interrupt.

Software applications. Enhancing your radio system

Through our Application Partners, Radiocoms Systems support a cost effective portfolio of software applications to further enhance your sites operational goals – lone worker, alarm handling and job ticketing streamline efficiency whilst aligning with operational procedures, assisting in industry compliance and ultimately creating a safer work environment.

  • Dispatcher App
  • Job Ticketing App
  • GPS Tracking App
  • Telephone Interconnect App
  • Alarm Handling App


Frequency band

VHF: 136-174 MHz

UHF: 400-470 MHz

UHF: UP-BAND 450-520 MHz

PMR446: 446-446.2 MHz

Channel Capacity

16 (non-display) / 64

Channel Spacing

Analogue: 12.5/20/25KHz

Digital: 12.5KHz


DT800/DT900 CNB950E 1800mAh Lithium-Ion

DT500 CNB550E 1800mAh Lithium-Ion

Frequency Stability


Dimensions (H X W X D)

138mm x 60mm x 38mm (with CNB950E)

Weight (With Battery)

435g(with CNB950E)

Output Power


ATEX/IECEx IIA 4 Watts (high) / 1 Watt (low)

Receiver Sensitivity

Analogue: -121dBm (0.2uV) for 12dB SINAD

Digital: -121dBm (0.2uV) for 5% BER

Dust and Liquid Intrusion

IP68 (2m 4h Submersible)

Drop, Packing, Vibration & Shock


Ex Protection

ATEX II 2G Ex ib IIA T4 Gb

ATEX II 2G Ex ib IIC T4 Gb

Ex ib IIA T4 Gb

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