Construction Two Way Radios

The primary concern of every construction company is worker safety. Wireless technology such as digital two-way radios are an absolute must to help keep construction sites safe and more efficient. Another growing concern is jobsite security and surveillance. The voice, data, and video solutions we recommend to the construction industry are rugged and built to withstand the elements constructions sites might impose. We help the construction industry connect in the moments that matter.

Improving job site safety and productivity is essential in the construction industry. Project management software, scheduling apps, and daily staff meetings help you gain control of construction management, but when it comes to executing a work plan on the job site – improved team communication wins the day. There’s no better way to monitor and communicate with your staff than with a wireless communication system that’s designed for construction sites.

With wireless communication such as Motorola two-way radios, supervisors can deliver clear instructions instantly. Crew members can ask questions to the entire group at any time and receive immediate answers without having to stop work, which enables your teams to complete the job right the first time. In addition to voice communications, we can help you protect your jobsite assets with video surveillance. Our video solutions can offer you remote live viewing and 24/7 security recording- so you know exactly what’s happening on your project. At MTI Tech, we help construction sites implement wireless communication that offer the information you need to ensure projects run smoothly.

Why Use Radios In Construction?

Digital construction two-way radios enhance your construction site efficiency, safety and security, enabling swift communication across the entire site including:

  • Crane Operations
  • Site Security
  • Emergency Communications
  • Access Control
  • Remote Start Up Procedures
  • Fire Evacuation
  • Lone Worker

Construction Wireless Devices From Motorola, Rajant, Entel, and Hytera.


Associated Products

Motorola SL1600 Portable Radio
Entel DX485 Digital Mobile Radio
Rajant ES1 Breadcrumb
Entel DX482 Digital Mobile Radio

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