Water Tunnelling Communication System

Project Focus – 6Km Water Tunnelling Project

In late 2019, MTI Tech Ltd were awarded the contract to supply a tunnelling communication system for a 6Km water tunnel in the South West of England. Even though the country went into full lockdown in March, we were still able to deliver the system and fully support the operation through the pandemic.

System Details


6Km leaky feeder system, including digital leaky feeder amplifiers spaced at every 350m intervals.

Motorola DP4000 hand-portable radios, operating in DMR mode.

Motorola DM1400 mobile radios for fixed stations and the tunnel locomotives.

IP Site Connect connectivity.

Radio base station, with four underground voice channels, and four surface voice channels, giving surface to underground radio coverage for the complete tunnel construction sites. Base station includes a battery backup in case of AC failure.

VoIP server for office telephones and fixed underground telephones.

12 x office IP telephones.

15 x tunnel IP telephones (rated IP65).

Underground UPS power supplies.





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