Mine Communication System

UK Mine Communication System


The MTI Tech technical team recently installed and commissioned the TunnelMESH wireless communication system into a UK mine in Yorkshire & Humber. The TunnelMESH system provides fixed wireless communication system along the main driveways, and portable nodes for temporary work extensions into mine branches.

Around 5Km of mine tunnels now have full Wi-Fi coverage for voice communication, data upload/download, and personnel location tracking.

The benefits of the TunnelMESH system are numerous.

    • Very easy and quick to deploy.
    • Economical compared to leaky feeder and fibre optic installation.
    • Can easily be integrated into an existing IP and fibre infrastructure.
    • Coverage in mine areas that were previously unable to reach without cabling.
    • Futureproofing the mine for data communication, fleet telemtery, autonomous vehicles, wireless strata monitoring.


System Details

    • 5 x TunnelMESH fixed nodes, with bi-directional antennas, and 12 hour UPS capability.
    • 3 x TunnelMESH portable nodes, with bi-direction antennas, and 16 hour battery.
    • Entel Standalone P1 Server.
    • Entel Dispatcher with full voice recording.
    • Entel DN495 Radios with man-down and lone worker.
    • Aeroscout MobileView RTLS for tracking devices underground.


Customer Feedback

Our customer at the mine was extremely satisfied with the system installation and performance.

‘As mine manager I am really pleased with this system, it has given us an upgrade from 4 fixed points of communication to full radio coverage over 5 km. of our main travelling road. In addition enhances safety by giving our control room visibility of the position of each radio. We have facility to see man down and lone working and have conversation recording for incident analysis. The system is fully extendable away from the fixed node network by use of the portable tripod nodes, so if we are working away from our travelling route we are able to take communication with us. The possibility of extending the system and adding data transmission is a real plus. This takes us from a very limited system into the 21st century. Installed in two days; with any other system we would still be planning the cabling over 5 km.!’







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