Tunnel Communication Systems


Tunnel communication systems are an integral part of a tunnel electrical system. The communication system enables personnel to go underground in to a confined space safe in the knowledge that at all times they will be able to provide reliable & clear communication for all technologies and frequencies required. A very reliable technology in ensuring clear voice communication is a radiating cable (also known as a leaky feeder) network.

Digital IP Systems

Modern digital radio systems are now capable of being networked by fibre optic cable and connected to IP networks. This allows interoperability between tunnel communication system components, such as radios, fixed telephones, video cameras and much more. Additionally digital radios allow users to ‘roam’ seamlessly between base stations which can overcome any potential base station voting problems.

UK Engineered

For each tunnel, MTI Tech Ltd offers tailored engineering deployments to retransmit all requested radio services. RF signals are picked up, multiplexed, and converted into optical signals in the master station. Signals are then distributed by optical fibre down to slave stations. Finally they are converted back into RF, amplified and multiplexed.

Tunnel Radio System



Road & Power Tunnel Systems

Experienced engineers, our engineers have worked on many UK cable tunnel communication systems in the UK for both National Grid and UK Power Networks.

A vendor agnostic approach to the hardware we provide. We work with all of the worlds leading brands as we understand that sometimes one vendor may not be the best fit for a particular application.

Systems and solutions that are designed, integrated, delivered and supported from the UK.

Local and remote support including maintenance contracts and email/phone/web support.


  • Modern technology
  • UHF / TETRA / 4G / 5G
  • UK design and build


  • Dedicated UK engineering team
  • Over 20 years experience in UK tunnels

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